Company profile

GTV brand companies are the leading sellers of used and new vehicle parts and associated services in Eastern European countries.

Our story began in 2004, when a team of the closest family and friends began to directly buy and bring defective vehicles from the largest auction of used vehicles in Europe. Since its inception, the founders of the company have been committed to achieving their key goals of raising the business of pre-owned vehicles to a higher level, eliminating the prevailing stereotype of “salvage cars”, becoming a competitive market player, taking into account the needs of customers and adapting to market changes.

In pursuit of its goals, GTV GROUP ir KO has been a rapidly growing and expanding enterprise, becoming the market leader in its field. During its 13 years of operation, the company has developed into a group of 4 companies, offering their customers a wide range of goods and services: selling parts for second-hand and new vehicles, wholesale and retail sales of engines and speed boxes, test car kits, sale of vehicles that have not been disassembled, motorcycles, other vehicles, auctioning, dismantling and transport services to the West and CIS countries. Today we are a dedicated team of 200 people who have earned the trust of our partners and regular customers.

We focus on market needs, constantly improving our activities, and expanding the range of products and services we provide. We have built and are intensively developing valuable partnerships with the BMW AG and AUDI group concerns in Germany for the sale in world-wide markets of automotive parts tested in their plants. We invest in modern technological solutions and the development of infrastructure. We have created and implemented new information technologies that allow the automation of operational processes and facilitate their management and control, but most importantly – we seek to serve our clients more effectively and to develop and maintain mutually valuable relationships.

Over the past years, we have boldly stepped into the domain of e-commerce, and currently it accounts for about 60% of our company’s sales. With the help of some of the most reliable courier companies, like DHL, TNT and Lietuvos paštas, our products reach buyers in countries all over the world (all European countries, China, New Zealand, North and South America, etc.), and on average, within 5-7 days from the dispatch of goods.

We believe that business progress requires innovation and daring, including a strong team and loyal customers. Collaboration at all levels has made us leaders in the Baltic States. We appreciate that we are valued by our customers and partners.