Career opportunities

GTV trademark companies specialize in the provision of pre-owned and new vehicle parts and related services. All companies operate in accordance with four core business principles: value for the client, a strong team of employees, successful performance and sustainable development.

We believe that one of the main reasons for the company’s continuous development and improvement is our human resources. Today, we are leaders in our field because we all work as a strong, united team, where every employee is respected, valued and aware of his contribution to the overall goals of the company. At present, more than 200 experienced or further-advanced team members are employed at companies representing the GTV brand. We are open to challenges and welcome both experienced and inexperienced applicants to our team, as long as they are motivated and willing to study. We provide all kinds of assistance, training, and introductions to the specifics our work as we share our know-how and experience.

Most of the department heads have been employed at the company since the start of their work experience, mastering new and unknown areas in the market, growing and improving together. For these reasons, our executives are well versed in the nature of each job and understand the value of every employee.

We value our team; thus we strive to find and retain talented and motivated employees. As we are constantly growing, we are always looking for new talent and invite both specialists and experienced, motivated individuals to join our team. If you hold yourself and your colleagues to high, demanding standards, if you focus on results, envisage innovation, are bold in expressing your ideas and take responsibility for your work and new ideas, please send us your CV!