Social responsibility

The first principle of the Rio Declaration on Sustainable Development states that a human being has the right to a healthy and active life in harmony with the environment.

We promote the reuse of vehicle parts and apply preventive environmental strategies whilst improving environmental performance, thus reducing costs and risks to humans and the environment:

  • In our production processes, we conserve energy and preserve raw materials, along with investing in hazardous waste disposal facilities and decontamination sites. We collect and ship waste for recycling and hazardous waste to our long-time partners.

  • In the area of products, we aim to reduce their environmental impact throughout the production process, and carry out environmental impact assessments.

The goal of our sustainable development today is quality rather than scale. We invest in technological development, modernization of production processes and storage equipment in order to more effectively increase the turnover of warehouses and the percentage of waste mass, which is converted into a reusable components.

Simon Kuznets, inventor of the GDP, once said: “The welfare of the nation can scarcely be inferred from a measurement of national income... Distinctions must be kept in mind between quantity and quality of growth... Goals for more growth should specify more growth of what and for what.”