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Our team

Rokas, warehouse employee, 4 months with GTV

Working as part of a team with a positive outlook is a pleasure in itself. Once the team is united, goals are achieved by moving together in the right direction. Working here is really a great pleasure and puts you in good mood from the morning all the way until you go home!

Virginia, Active Sales Department Manager, Scandinavian market, 2 years with GTV

GTV provides some of the best opportunities for improvement and growth in the field. Managerial experience and support allow you to implement all your ideas. A special and positive working environment and a friendly team.

Aida, Cashier-Accountant, 5 years with GTV

I have been working at the company for 5 years and I’ve seen how the it’s grown and developed each year. I’m pleased to be a part of this company and to be able to contribute to its development! What I appreciate about working here most of all is that it employs young, energetic people. We are one big family looking forward to becoming the best in the industry!

Rimas, Deputy Director for Production, 9 years with GTV

Our company has never stopped, progressing in various directions and becoming a leader not only in terms of technology, but also emotionally. Continuous growth and development have always encouraged us to be the best, to be more demanding for ourselves and for those around us, to achieve our goals and those of the company through continuous improvement. For quite a while now, we cannot be equated with the word “šrotas”, because our communication standards, areas of ​​expertise, working environments and employee competence makes us stand out against other similar businesses. It gives us a sense of stability, pride in our work, motivating us to seek more knowledge and continually improve.

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